"Embrace the Legend | Conquer L2Rome"

Welcome to L2Rome, a pristine world where legends are born and epic adventures await. Step into a realm of boundless possibilities, where brave warriors, cunning sorcerers, and skilled archers gather to forge their destinies.

Customized Gameplay

L2Rome presents a unique twist to the classic Lineage 2 experience, with carefully crafted custom features that add depth and excitement. From custom zones and quests to special events, players can expect a fresh and dynamic gameplay environment.

Balanced Classes

The server takes pride in ensuring balanced gameplay by meticulously fine-tuning and testing the classes. This helps create a fair and enjoyable PvP environment, where each class has its strengths and weaknesses, promoting strategic gameplay.

PvP-centric Focus

L2Rome is designed to cater to PvP enthusiasts. Engage in exhilarating player versus player combat through various arenas, battlegrounds, and epic team-based battles. Experience the thrill of intense PvP encounters and test your skills .

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L2Romefosters a tight-knit community, promoting interaction and cooperation among players. Engage in lively discussions, team up with other adventurers to conquer challenging quests, and forge alliances to dominate the battlefield.

Events and Competitions

The server hosts regular events and competitions, providing additional opportunities for players to prove their prowess, win valuable rewards, and showcase their achievements. From PvP tournaments to hunting challenges, there’s alway happening.

  • Siege Castle
  • TvT
  • Domination
  • Hunting Zone
  • And more…

Enhanced Progression

L2Rome offers a well-paced progression system, allowing players to steadily grow and develop their characters. Engage in thrilling quests, undertake epic raids, and acquire powerful gear to become a formidable force within the game world.

Life Improvements

L2Rome incorporates numerous quality of life enhancements to ensure a smooth and seamless gameplay experience. From improved user interface features to optimized mechanics, these enhancements elevate the overall enjoyment.


Download Client

If the game file is large or your internet connection is slow, the download may take some time. Ensure that you have enough free space on your computer’s storage to accommodate the game file.

Google Drive

Open the Google Drive link provided for the game.
Click on the game file you want to download.
On the top right corner, click the three vertical dots (More actions) button.
From the dropdown menu, select “Download.”
The game file will start downloading to your computer.


Open the Fshare link provided for the game.
On the Fshare website, click on the “Download” button.
If prompted, log in to your Fshare account or create a new one.
Choose the location where you want to save the game file on your computer.
Click the “Download” button again, and the game file will start downloading to your computer.


Access the Megaupload link provided for the game.
Click on the game file you want to download.
Find and click on the “Download” button.
If prompted, log in to your Megaupload account or create a new account.
Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the game file.
Click on the “Save” or “OK” button to start the download process.
Wait for the game file to finish downloading on your computer.

L2Rome Staff

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